It’s time again to have some group fun! I’m excited to share new content with you all!

So many things to learn and so many things to accomplish no matter what your health and fitness goals are.

If you’ve never been part of one of my online groups. Here’s what it’s all about!
*Interactive group for motivation, support and inspiration
*Me as your main guide
*Daily support posts to get you moving and grooving
*Training plans everyone will be doing together
*Individual macro targets
*Flexible dieting instruction
*Recipe shares (including my own personal favs like my pancakes!)
*Access to data base of foods that don’t have a nutrition fact label for ease of creating meals
*Monthly assessment on macros and adjustments as needed at 4-6wks
*Monthly accountability photos
*Learn and glean from me as much as you can
*Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced workouts
*Weight loss, lean gains, aggressive build macro plans

Lots of transformations happen in these groups.
From the new to fitness to the seasoned athlete.
This group is meant to be fun and interactive.
If you can’t afford one on one coaching or you need to change things up.

This group is for you!

I will be helping you all construct your own meal plans.
Teach you about having a healthy relationship with food.
Helping you get strong and fit in mind, body and heart.
Make new friends.
Bond more with old friends.
Help each other. Learn and grow.

You will need access to some basic equipment or a gym membership.
Workouts can be modified to suit the equipment you have.
If you want to join just to learn about the nutrition aspect of things that’s great as well!
This group will be held in a Facebook secret group so having a FB account is most helpful.