Single Meal Plan + Macro Targets (good for 6-8wks)

One time payment- $225

-Initial consultation via FB messenger, email
-Detailed questionnaire intake
-Very detailed tailored meal plan guide specific to your goals and needs based upon the foods you normally eat and love.
-Tailored macro break down specific to your goals and needs for flexible dieting
-Basic flexible dieting instructions to get you started
– Nutrition facts for foods that don’t come with a label
-Supplement suggestions based on goals and needs
-Nutrient timing guidelines as applies
-Recipe shares as applies
-Support via email or FB messenger the first week after plan is received (No adjustments made during this time)

*Meal plans are made simple and with much detail. It is imperative you give me as much information as you need to so that your meal plan can be executed by you day in day out with precision. Once meal plan is delivered, it does not change. In some cases you will have more than one option to meals and/or a second meal plan option altogether. Please also note this is a guide specific to your macro targets. It can be used to aid flexible dieting ease. Items can be swapped out at any time using targeted totals as a guide.

It is truly my honor to create a plan for you that is filled with the foods you love and balanced for everyday life or goal specific.

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